The various individual companies, including Wolstenholme Machine Knives in the UK, TGW International in the USA, and TGW Asia, re-branded to become TGW Group.


In 2012 Wolstenholme Machine Knives incorporated TGW Asia PTE Ltd in Singapore to help expand sales in the Asian market.


Manufacturing began at our Indian facility in 2011.


AAA_6458In 2010 Wolstenholme Machine Knives incorporated TGW Machine Knives Pvt Ltd in Indore, India, and built a 25,000 square foot factory to house the new production facilities.


wolsten-holme-officesBetween 1993 and 1998 the company moved all the existing machinery from the 3 different former sites around Sheffield into our current building, as seen in the image on the right.


Wolstenholme Machine Knives moved into a new 36,000 square foot building in Sheffield.


Over the following decades the company grew significantly, until in 1993 it set up its own company, TGW International, in the USA to help expand North American sales.


Wolstenholme-Coat-of-ArmsHow it All Began

The company was incorporated in 1908 by T.G.Wolstenholme, who approached a gentleman by the name of Mr Tyzack, of Tyzack Machine knives Ltd (then the  largest knife company in UK,) and with a proposal along the lines of, “I want to run my own business, but would still like to work with you.” The response he got was  “if you supply only to me, I’ll help you set up”. To the best of our knowledge they were our only customer until just after WW1

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